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Shutter Life of the Sony A7R?

The Sony Alpha A7R has an expected shutter life of 250 000 clicks. However, it is important to note that the shutter rating does not provide a guarantee of a certain photo count before shutter maintenance or replacement are needed. The shutter might fail earlier, or it could last longer without causing any problems. The shutter rating should, thus, be seen as representing a statistically determined failure average or Mean Time Before Failure.

Most photographers are unlikely to come close to the shutter life expectancy of their imaging tools. For example, if one were to take 250 photos each and every day, this would mean 7 500 actuations per month and 90 000 shots per year. In this case, one would reach a count of 250 000 images in about three years. Few people use their cameras as regularly and intensively, and if they do, their cameras might well be up for a replacement after three years anyway for reasons other than shutter failure. Nevertheless, shutters do sometimes break down during photo sessions and such adverse events are getting more likely as the shutter count increases.


How to find the current shutter count on the Sony A7R?

The Sony A7R has been confirmed to store shutter count information in EXIF data. Hence, the number of actuations can be determined by uploading a jpg-file to the App. This method can give valuable information on how intensively a camera has been used. In order to check your shutter count, just click on the button below to move across to the image upload page.

What's My Shutter Count?

Knowing the number of photos that a digital camera has taken is useful as an indicator of remaining shutter life expectancy. Second-hand buyers regularly ask for shutter count information to avoid overpaying for a heavily used, end-of-life camera.

Camera comparisons

Does your Sony Alpha A7R show an elevated shutter count? Is it time to start thinking about a camera upgrade? Check out how different cameras – new and not quite as new – compare in terms of size, sensors, features, and their reception by expert reviewers by selecting two comparators from the menu below. You will then promptly be taken to a detailed side-by-side comparison.


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