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About this site

APOTELYT.COM is an independent web-resource site that provides information on the features and quality of photographic cameras, lenses and accessories to internet readers free of charge. The website started out in 2011 as an information source on Leica's APO-Telyt range of telephoto lenses, but has over time grown well beyond this initial focus. It now features a variety of articles, reviews and information on new and not-quite-as-new photo gear.

Meet the editor

The website is a part-time project that has been initiated and managed by me, Peter Walkenhorst. My home base is Germany, but I have lived and worked over extended periods of time in France, Poland, Tunisia, and the United States. By training and profession, I am an economist and this background of regularly working with quantitative data, assessing trade-offs, and making choices has had an undeniable impact on the concept and design of this website.

APO-Telyt in action

Ever since high school, I have been a keen amateur-photographer with a strong interest in the technical side of this pastime. I have used cameras and accessories from pretty much all the major brands over time, and hope that competition will continue to foster innovation and provide us with better and more capable photo gear. One of the main objectives of the website, in this context, is to facilitate comparisons that make it possible to assess the features, strengths and limitations of different imaging tools, and thereby to enable better purchasing decisions.

Another aim that has motivated the site's development is to keep legacy gear, such as Leica's APO-Telyt line of telephoto lenses, in focus. I have been a keen user of ebay and have generally had very good experiences of acquiring pre-owned equipment on the auction site. Photography is an expensive hobby and older cameras and lenses can often function almost as well as the newest gadgets, while being much more accessible. Moreover, working with older, less advanced or refined imaging tools might actually enhance the photographic experience in some situations, by requiring the photographer to more carefully assess and plan a particular shot.



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APO-Telyt-R 400mm/2.8: 10 elements in 8 groups