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Soligor 400mm f/6.3 super-tele

The Soligor 1:6.3/400mm is a manual-focus, third party telephoto lens that is available for different camera mounts. The lens was actually not produced by Soligor itself, but by a contract manufacturer. Identical or highly similar lenses with only minor cosmetic changes were sold under other brand names, such as Vivitar, Spiratone, Lentar, Tele-Astranar, and Cambron. Also, there are at least three different versions of the 6.3/400 available: (i) an earlier lens with a preset aperture mechanism that was manufactured by Kino Precision Industries in the late 1960s; (ii) a 1970s-optic with an automatic diaphragm, which was produced by Tokina (labelled "Tele-Auto"), and (iii) an automatic aperture lens produced by Sun Optical (labelled "Auto"). All versions feature a solid, all-metal construction, a rotating tripod mount, and a built-in, retractable lens hood.

The preset-version lens does not automatically stop down the aperture when a shot is taken, as its T2-mount does not transmit this information between camera and lens. Instead, it has two aperture rings. One is used to "preset" the aperture, and the other to actually stop the lens down. In use, one would set the aperture ring to the shooting aperture (for example, f/8), and then open the lens up with the second ring to enable focusing in a brighter viewfinder. Once focus is obtained, one would turn the ring fully back, and thereby stop down to the preset aperture for taking the picture. This preset mechanism makes it possible to set the aperture relatively quickly without having to count aperture clicks.


The 400mm super-teles are available for a large variety of SLR cameras. The preset-version of the 400mm f/6,3 can be attached to virtually any reflex camera with the help of an appropriate T2-mount adapter. The Tele-Auto and Auto versions were produced in the M42 screw mount, as well as in several SLR bayonet mounts.

Specifications of the Soligor 400 mm f/6.3
  Preset version Tele-Auto version Auto version
Aperture range 6.3 - 32 6.3 - 22 6.3 - 22
Focal length (mm) 400 400 400
Diagonal angle of view (degrees) 6.2 6.2 6.2
Lens construction (elements/groups) 4/4 4/3 4/3
Minimum distance 6.5m (22ft) 7.6m (25ft) 7.0m (23ft)
Filter size E67 E72 E67
Length 310mm (12.2") 300mm (11.75") 300mm (11.75")
Maximum diameter 78mm (3.07") 81mm (3.15") 78mm (3.07")
Weight 1015g (36oz) 1010g (35.8oz) 1015g (36oz)

As with any super-tele, good lens technique is essential for obtaining sharp images and the tripod ring on the Soligor makes it convenient to support the lens. Yet, while the 6.3/400 is a physically long and thin lens, it is not particularly heavy. Many users, thus, find it relatively easy to handhold the Soligor.

400mm packaging
Soligor 400mm in its box[ses0722]

The large minimum distance can at times be a nuisance and means that the lens is not particularly geared towards macro photography. Also, the relatively slow maximum aperture of f/6.3 turns the focusing of the lens with an optical viewfinder sometimes into a challenge. However, in terms of optical performance, users often find the legacy super-tele to be surprisingly good. The 400mm f/6.3 provides rich detail and contrast already wide open and sharpens up further if stopped down to f8 or f11. The lens also delivers a relatively pleasant bokeh.

Overall, the Soligor is a very viable alternative to legacy mirror lenses in the super-tele category. It is less compact, but optically superior. The 6,3/400 - similar to its successor, the Soligor 5.6/400mm - nowadays sells for rock-bottom prices on the used market and can be easily found on ebay for as little as 40-100 US Dollar (or Euro, Pound). Hence, one does not have to spend a fortune to get a decent tele prime.

Super-Telephoto Options in the Soligor Catalog
Wideangle Camera
(dia x len)
Soligor 300mm f/5.5 T4; M42; Fixed MF 5 / 4 6.00 m E62 68 x 164 mm 869 g 60-110 check
Soligor 350mm f/5.6 T2; T4 MF 4 / 2 5.00 m E67 72 x 248 mm 896 g 50-100 check
Soligor Telephoto 350mm f/5.6 T2; T4 MF 4 / 2 8.00 m E72 75 x 244 mm 932 g 50-100 check
Soligor 400mm f/5.6 M42; Fixed MF 4 / 4 5.00 m E72 78 x 239 mm 1000 g 50-100 check
Soligor 400mm f/6.3 T2 MF 4 / 4 6.50 m E67 78 x 310 mm 1015 g 50-100 check
Soligor Tele 400mm f/6.3 M42; Fixed MF 4 / 3 7.00 m E67 78 x 300 mm 1015 g 50-100 check
Soligor Tele-Auto 400mm f/6.3 MC M42; Fixed MF 4 / 3 7.60 m E72 81 x 300 mm 1010 g 50-100 check
Soligor 500mm f/8 Mirror T2 MF 4 / 4 10.00 m E77 84 x 120 mm 500 g 60-130 check
Soligor C/D 500mm f/8 MC Mirror M42; Fixed MF 5 / 4 2.50 m E72 78 x 106 mm 356 g 60-130 check
Soligor C/D 500mm f/8 Mirror T2 MF 5 / 4 2.50 m E77 80 x 84 mm 534 g 60-130 check
Soligor 500mm f/8.8 Mirror T2 MF 8 / 5 2.50 m E67 70 x 90 mm 350 g 60-130 check
Soligor C/D 500-800mm f/8-12 Mirror Fixed MF 6 / 6 4.00 m rear 98 x 135 mm 1036 g 200-400 check
Soligor 600mm f/8 T2 MF 2 / 1 13.00 m E87 90 x 600 mm 4500 g 130-260 check
Soligor C/D 650mm f/8.5 Mirror T2 MF 7 / 6 2.00 m E88 95 x 116 mm 904 g 130-260 check
Soligor 800mm f/8 T2 MF 2 / 1 25.00 m no 90 x 800 mm 6000 g $$$ check

Further Reading

The closest alternative to the 6.3/400 among Soligor lenses is the slightly faster Soligor 5.6/400mm. If you are willing to spend a little more and are seeking the very best in manual focus lenses, the lenses for the Leica R-system are superb and have been dropping in price since Leica discontinued its reflex camera line in 2009. It is a good time to shop for interesting legacy glass.

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